Everything Postmodern

Everything Postmodern started as a single page of links in 1995. It has since grown to 8 pages containing links to over 1000 postmodern theory resources, sites, and journals. 

Everything Postmodern strives to be one of the most comprehensive guides to postmodern theory on the web today. While a site with this limited scope cannot possibly compete with topic-specific search engines, EP can  provide links to new and interesting material with a touch of radical subjectivity.

Featured Link
What is Postmodern? --from the wikipedia megasite.

Everything Postmodern is divided into four main sections:

  • General Resources -- links to other general postmodern resources and guides. It also includes subsections for postmodern Journals and E-zines.
  • Thinkers -- resources for many postmodern authors and thinkers. Pictures, Quotes, Overviews, Essays and Interviews from Adorno through Wittgenstein.
  • Fringe -- links to wacky left wing sites within the pomo popular culture genre. Relax, have fun, fundtherevolution!
  • Miscellaneous -- everything else gets thrown here. Art / Art-Theory / Architecture / Fiction /

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Thanks to Andy who in '97 generously donated his animated gif guru time to create "The Little Blue Guys" for Everything Postmodern.

Thanks to hexive for hosting and web development help.

And thanks to everyone who reads, writes, sends links, emails odd pictures of Heidegger, and asks me to write term papers for them ... never a dull moment.

last update October 2004